Services for Children

We counsel parents and children in methods of coping with problem behavior. With a strong emphasis on the emotional well-being of the child, we help resolve commonly presented issues related to divorce, loss and school adjustment. Play therapy, parent guidance, psychological testing and other techniques are used.

Children’s Counselors:


Services for Adolescents and Young Adults

Emerging independence, identity and adjustments associated with changes in family relationships are major developmental tasks for this group. These can be turbulent times for teens and their families. We offer both individual and family therapy for this unique population. Career or educational planning is often an inherent component of therapy.

Adolescent Counselors:

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Services for Adults

Separation, divorce, bereavement, job loss, illness and sexual dysfunction are among the more common problems presented by our adult clients. Psychotherapy can help clients with these issues as well as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and other mental health problems not so clearly related to current stressors.

Adult Counselors:


Services for Elders

We address issues of care giving, aging, retirement, declining health and unresolved family problems. We assist aging clients and their families as they plan for their living arrangements and daily care needs through consultation and/or therapy.

Elder Counselors:

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Services for Families

We offer comprehensive evaluations and therapy for the entire family to effect changes In child behavioral problems and help families deal with separation, divorce, blended families and substance abuse among other issues. Family therapy assumes when one family member is experiencing problems all other members are affected. Family therapy taps into the inherent strengths and capacity to heal within families and helps family members find solutions that will benefit all concerned.

Family Counselors:


Services for Couples

An important adjunct to our family treatment program, couples therapy teaches clients how to change negative patterns of relating to more effective, satisfying ones. Role definition understanding personal style differences and enhancing communication are primary components of couples therapy.

Couples Counselors:


Psychological Testing

Psychological testing provides individuals and those helping them, with a better understanding of what underlies their difficulties and includes suggestions for what will be helpful. Psychological testing includes Neuropsychological, Educational, Cognitive, and Emotional Assessments. In many instances it can be covered by insurance.

Psychological Testing:


Short-Term Therapy

Clients needing help to quit smoking, lose weight, or effectively manage the psychological impact of medical illness are offered such techniques as behavior therapy, hypnosis, EMDR and other mind-body alternatives.